Walk inside the mind of a teenage man (what ?)
Imagine every clan in the DK chain (yeah)
Thinking about sex that he can't have
In the back like his ditch like the BAK ?
Your horny thoughts are the same as mine
'Cause teen horniness is a state of mind
And these idiots keep wasting time
Calling all carnal chemistry and cravings crime
So make it crystal sitcha down
Let you watch while we demonstrate this is how
Lyricism meets sex in the physical
Freeze on bottom cause it's Krysta Now

Teen horniness is not a crime
Open your heart and your mind
Cause the numbers don't lie
Observe the nerds who shot at Columbine

Never got laid (no..)
Didn't get laid (so..)
Traded in their books and they picked up a gauge
Couldn't get laid (no..)
Never got laid (so..)
2008 is the horny teen age
Couldn't get laid (no..)
Didn't get laid (so..)
Traded in their books and the kids got a cage
Couldn't get laid (no..)
Never got laid (so..)
2008 is the horny teen age
Never got laid (never got laid...)

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In 2006, this was just kaleidoscopic, random, crazy ayahuasca enthusiasm, with no coherent plot whatsoever, besides using ayahuasca.
I recently noticed how bubbly images such as 46:11 resemble a POV in special relationship to spacetime... 50:12 seems to symbolize a fragmented 'Koch curve' that is intricately designed as such. (1:00) (31:55) It gives the impression this is irreversible. (39:15) (48:14)
I noticed that... if it wasn't, they wouldn't need to block *a return so hard. No matter it's subsequent impact, the feat's achievement is clearly the goal.
48:30, 48:58, 43:35- Projector, etc... it wasn't a group of attention hungry dropouts that made this. (In 2006, I didn't consider the delicate detail necessary for a 'technofix'... there simply weren't any other plot less exciting music accompanied psychedelic promoting videos around.) (I don't necessarily promote those 10 years later).
They are what they are. I apologize for the disturbing sexuality aspect throughout it. More like genital abuse than porn (it's not attractive to me but by showing another person who thinks otherwise, "you watch THIS?!"... No, I've 'seen' it and it's mixed in. ) I am embarrassed on several levels, but not enough to conceal these observations. People may think I'm a stupid McKenna wannabe, but I describe my thoughts in a unique way. You won't really find half of my vocabulary with him, nor be able to effortlessly articulate the sum total just because you've seen it here. That's one example. He spoke differently. I do also - no matter why... I don't try to, though. Especially not to show off versus enhance the quality.
Amalthea 50:00, 39:36,
These people used their scientific advantage instead of an explicit publication.
2:30, 2:40, 2:55 draws the conclusion that this green, bubbly substance is pouring from the side of a mountain, on the 'planet' at 2:30.

It has become evident that :
The 1st male actor represents the 1st "body" of (background, unmentioned electronic tone throughout his speech... FINALLY identified as "Rose", among the characters whose role doesn't involve introducing themselves) Rose.

Rose is a (single human's) part of human consciousness, separate if isolated yet coexistent with general cognition, etc. ie a soul "this soul's name is Rose". spirit, etc. I "discovered" Rose's distinct role in the video WHILE WRITING THIS. Therefore, conceivably, Rose will have unique functions and desires, once the rest of the brain doesn't matter. Only problem is that none of this is clarified or evident to a 3-dimensional observer viewing the 2-dimensional video. (Chaos.) A person can completely watch it multiple times and have nothing to say about story development or characters. Furthermore, there are audible electronic sounds in the 'background' nobody would notice or consider important. If not Rose's assigned voice as of yet in history, satisfactory as such now.

The 1st female actor represents the 2nd one. (Body of "Rose")

(The moon was Rose' first destination). In the heritage focused imagery from 14:14-16:40, the transition of newborns to mobile children, among the moon ("our gift to you"), represents the gravitation towards a new, growing horizon of experience.

A dialogue of tension between 'the tone', now referred to as 'rose'. and
the "Eve" host (1st male actor)(Beluzov-Zhabotinsky 17:18);

draws it to "Inanna" (?) (1st female actor/1:16:55 rainbow etc.) (23:58) (at the 1st and 2nd 'garden's)

...despite pain and confusion, such as at 47:18. It seems the pain was promised healing/recompense by "limits, limits, limits..."

49:04 "Push" (Spiral); 49-50:00 Between 2 homes. 49:10 49:18

"Hoover Dam" is a water source... it's mention happens most often while 1st male actor is involved.

The moon, blue apples, and eyeballs (with a curiously high rate of intervening external objects set between them) seem to act as portals between the 2 worlds, more than other symbols. (30:58-31:12)

41:04 chaos/energy//
1:19:10 Motion seems to be an ongoing effort of rose to encounter this loving home giver at the end, fabricated by a group of humans. For example, (besides the movie)
54:54 appeals to the entire cognitive apparatus as a description of his mental condition, not an all beckoning mysterious magnetic diety from rose's damaged state to a fulfilling one later. And the remaining content.

Once a few things are redefined, the plot surfaces without fail.

Rose isn't stupid or evil. Rose is a good person who was disoriented into living in a bad, painful place, based on lies mixed with secret technology. Rose naturally belongs with the original 'home'/ host. But this was replaced with an evil guy who impersonated the natural host and drove Rose away with hate. The love of a nonexistent replacement, with "Inanna" drew Rose to... *outside of space time, 4d or similar. 38:40.

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camp commence

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hypocholia (Under the bile)


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