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'You bougie.'

An omnipresent word that stands for an arbitrary concept by now devoid of any meaning.

It doesn't take much to reach bougie status.

I can see how managing to get in a 'nonflammable' Herm├Ęs blanket after twenty-two failed attempts could qualify one for the title, but how bougie is one really for declining a random head offer in a filthy yard bathroom stall?

Same goes for refusing to surrender the last thing you have control over—your body. Simply choosing not to eat two boxes of zebra cakes a day is already enough to join the bougie ranks.

Meet Debra—even though she is consistent with her routine, that fifth honey bun she religiously microwaves for four humiliating seconds at 10:57pm every night has so far failed to provide her with any supplemental guidance towards the path of enlightenment, but she's read something about perseverance in one of the motivational brochures and she keeps trying. That's right Debra, don't you ever give up.

'I'd offer you one, but you bougie', she'd say if I happen to witness it, not really meaning it, the same way people here offer me pepperoni pizza bagels and turkey fried rice, knowing well beforehand I'll decline, acting like they just remembered I don't eat meat, right after their generous offering. 






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