Michael Flores



Maybe I'm wrong, but...

...I blame them for the custom of

abbreviating the city's name to L.A.

"Gotta find somebody in L.A."

"Maybe he's not even in L.A."

"How far did you say you're going?"

"Los Angeles."


"L.A.'s good enough for me, mister."

"L.A. was the gang capital of America."

"Hello, L.A!"

"Hello, Plissken.

Welcome to L.A!"

The acronym functions here as a

slightly derisive diminutive.

Now it's become second nature,

...even to people who live here.

Maybe we adopted it as a way of immunizing

ourselves against the implicit scorn,

...but it still makes me cringe.

Only a city with an inferiority

complex would allow it.

When people say "L.A.",

...they often mean "show business."

"I'm an actress..."


And also
I can't sleep without you
No one's ever really held me like you
Not quite tightly, but certainly, I feel your body next to me
Smoking next to me
Vaping lightly next to me
And I love that you love the neon lights like me
Orange in the distance
We both love that
And I love that we have that in common
Also, neither one of us can go back to New York
For you are unmoving
As for me, it won't be my city again until I'm dead
Fuck the New York Post